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Val d'Isere Apres Ski Report
7th March 2013

Selective Apres Activities

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Justine Mulliez | Val d'Isere Reporter | Published: 7 Mar 2013


Val d'Isere Apres Ski Report: 7th March 2013

With the season ending in two months and our minds drifting towards our summer plans, we’ve been trying to figure out how to save our Euros and even make some extra cash for our next trips. We’ve considered selling grilled cheeses for drunk passer-bys, trading kisses for cash, and even giving our kidneys away. As you all can imagine, we’ve been getting creative. And desperate.

Then, one of our genius friends suggested that we simply give up a couple nights out a week. Surely this would save us money. While we found it incredibly difficult at the beginning, we decided that we would just pick specific nights out and see what results we could get from there.

This week’s nights out were incredibly well chosen, if I do say so myself. Last Thursday was spent pretty much entirely at Le Saloon Bar because, let’s get real; who can ever turn down an 80's rave party? With the best of  the 80s club songs on full blast, we knew that things were going to get crazy. As usual, the entire Saloon staff came prepared to party, rocking glow sticks, pink wigs, colored glasses, lots of spandex and whatever else you might think inappropriate to wear on a regular basis. It figures that waking up we were covered in glitter, had glow stick wristbands splayed throughout our beds, and found a pink wig in the pocket our beanies should have been in. Trades never work the way they should… Overall, it was a pretty unbelievable evening and after watching a couple people fill their shoes with whatever was left of their spilled cup and down the whole thing, we decided that we were better off entirely finishing off our drinks next time in Saloon for the sake of both our money and our hygiene.

Another night out that we purposefully put into our schedules instead of accidently drinking ourselves into the evening and then realizing that we are out so we should continue to be out, was last night. One of Abracadabar’s resident DJs from last year took over the V SPOT and it went down as one of the most absolutely mental parties any of us ever experienced there. It’s one thing to walk into a themed party prepared and ready to go in your own snazzy costume. It’s a whole other thing altogether when you walk into a themed party and had absolutely no idea it was a themed part, especially when the theme is animals and you are the only person without a mask. Pretty tricky to blend in on that one, trust me. Thankfully, caring about that was the last thing people were worrying about when the beats were coming in as strong as the liquor being poured. While some people started trying to behave like their masked animal, most people remained their usual, party-going self and carried on into the night at The Graal Club.

If this week has taught us anything about the partying and nightlife scene in Val d’Isère it’s these following points. Don’t sell your kidney as they are important. Drink responsibly; it’s cheaper. Know the bartenders. Always bring a glowstick just in case.

And always have an animal mask of some sort in your jacket for any kind of themed party; the wrong costume is better than no costume.