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Car parking in Val d'Isere

Discover and book Val d'Isere car-parks


There are six short stay car parks in Val d'Isère and there are no longer any free car parking spaces. 

The parking can get pretty busy, especially during the busy school holiday periods. We'd recommend you leave your car at your accommodation and use the public transport.

If you do plan to drive, here are a few tips.

A man is using a snow blower to remove snow from a driveway

Car parks

Pedestrianised zones are given priority in the resort centre and there is very limited on street parking, but both underground and outdoor car parks are available. In summer the car parks are free, but in winter you will need to reserve your parking space in advance.

Val d'Isère provides an excellent free bus service which runs until around midnight, including a service to La Daille, so parking up your car for the duration of your visit and using public transport is actually quite easy.

Outside of using the official car parks there are some 'blue zones' where you can park for a limited time, which varies according to location, and you are required to place an authorised disc showing your arrival time in your windscreen. You can purchase the discs at the Mairie. 

With the exception of La Daille, finding parking near to the pistes can be difficult, and the local Police Municipal are pretty hot on issuing parking tickets for unauthorised parking. 

Please check times, dates and fees at the time of parking as these might change.

more snow in val disere, Val d'Isere Valley

Indoor and covered parking

Most of the underground car parks are paid for (in the summer they are free), but they provide cover for your car when the heavy snow falls. The car parks can be seen on the resort map marked by the blue P.  

Val d'Isère underground car parks
Car park Location Places Height limit
Parking du Centre Rue Noel Machet (E6) 340 2.05m
Parking de la Face de Bellevarde  Rue de la Balme (E5) 448 2.1m
Parking de la Daille Immeuble Pierre et Vacances (A3) 327 1.9m
Parking du Jardin Alpin Rue de la Leggataz (H6) - -

Check prices when booking. Booking is advisable online from October from three to 30 days in winter.

Please check times, dates and fees at the time of parking as these might change.

A row of cars are parked in front of a building with a sign that says collection de vannes

Outdoor parking

Parking in Val d'Isère is regulated for the convenience of pedestrians and as such has a free shuttle bus to help you get around. Short stops are authorised in front of most accommodations to allow you to unload your luggage.

Most of the outside parking in Val d'Isère is paid for, with large outdoor car parks being slightly cheaper than the covered ones, they are a good place to park if you're looking to save a few pennies. Just make sure you have a shovel with you as after heavy snowfalls you might have to dig your car out. All car parks are free in the summer. 

The outdoor car parks can be found on the resort map marked by the blue P. They are open every day, 24 hours a day, throughout the winter season.

Val d'Isère car parks
Parking Location Places Height limit
Plaine de La Daille Route de la Plaine (B3) 120 2m
Parking du Laisinant Route de Laisinant (E11) 100 2m
Parking du Manchet Rue du Joseray (I5) 120 2m

Please check times, dates and fees at the time of parking as these might change.

snow covered cars and van in val disere

Disabled parking

There are a few disabled parking places in and around Val d'Isère. They are predominantly found close to the ski lifts, the main public car parks and tourist information centres. In most of the indoor car parks there are a few reserved disabled parking places, however some do not have the best access so it is best to check before parking there. 

Electric car parking

Where to charge your electric car

Charging terminals indicated on all maps are provided by different operators. All interoperable* passes can be used (*terminals accept passes issued by all operators). 

Parking is only for the purpose of charging and is limited to 12 hours. The blue disc must be displayed at all times. 

SAGS* car park terminals:

  • P0 - central car park (indoor)
  • P3 - Crêt car park (indoor)
  • P5 - Plaine de la Daille car park (outdoor)

(*all SAGS terminals are TESLA incompatible except with an adapter, T2 or domestic).

Other terminals:

  • In the village, next to the bus station - 1 terminal for 2 vehicules (TESLA compatible)
  • At Fornet (TESLA incompatible except with an adapter, T2 or domestic)
  • In La Daille - 1 terminal next to the P5 car park (TESLA incompatible except with an adapter, T2 or domestic)
campervans at Le Tour de France

Motorhome parking

There is one designated car park in Val d'Isère for motor homes and camper vans. Situated just outside of the town centre towards Le Fornet, you can park in this outdoor car park that is open every day throughout the winter season. The car park is located on Route de L'Iseran just past the roundabout. More information can be found by contacting the town hall.

Please check times, dates and fees at the time of parking as these might change.