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Dick's Tea Bar

A sleek, suave and stylish night out in Val d'Isere

Featured in: | David Hudson, Val d'Isere Reporter | Published

Dicks Tea Bar is more of an institution than a nightclub. It is sleek, suave and stylish and is packed every night of the week. 

This year, they opened on the 26th November which was a hugely anticipated event amongst workers already in resort, excited to party in the legendary nightlife venue.

The club has two spacious rooms with large bars in both but still manages to maintain an intimate atmposhere. There are VIP booths available for reservation in either rooms, the first room has a relaxed vibe and encourages socialising, and the next, home to a dance floor rammed full of bodies and pumping music.

On the subject of music, Dicks nails the vibe for primarily seasonnaire patrons with progressive variations of House music, with some Hip Hop and R n B thrown in there. Dicks has 2 resident DJ’s as well as World Class guest appearances which keeps the faithful clientele returning night after night.

As well as consistently attracting fashionable seasonnaires, Dicks also is popular with holidaymakers looking to get involved with the nightlife that the mountains have to offer. If you’re looking to splash out, you can book a VIP booth and have your bottles of champagne or spirits brought to you in style.

With cool, friendly staff, a great crowd and fantastic music, Dicks maintains a sophisticated and modern atmosphere that sets the standard for Nightlife in the Alps.

Keep an eye on our events calendar to find which DJ's are playing this week and what parties are going on at Dicks

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