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Best coffee in Val d'Isere

Where to find the best coffee, cakes & treats in Val d'Isere

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Take a break and recharge with a coffee and a quick bite.

The French are not renowned for their coffee, so here I have sampled some of the delightful coffee shops of Val d’Isere so you know where to go.

La Tete de Solaise

Not traditionally a coffee shop per se, but a really pleasant place to sit down with a coffee on a nice sunny day. At the top of the Solaise Express chair lift, La Tete de Solaise is one of the nicer restaurants on the mountain. However, the circle bar tent is a great place to go for a coffee or hot chocolate stop.

Sitting on the terrace, soaking up the rays and enjoying a nice cup of coffee is blissful. The views over the Manchet Valley are glorious and are worth the price of the coffee alone. Going up to La Tete is a great way for non-skiers to join up with the group for a nice break in the day.

Terrace of La Tete de Solaise, val d'Isere

The Fall Line

More of a bar than a coffee shop, but still a really nice place to go for a coffee or hot chocolate in the afternoon. Opening at 4, if you like a hot drink apres rather than a beer, Fall-Line is a nice place to go. Sport on the TV and friendly bar staff, The Fall-Line is a quite place to go for apres.

The coffee machine is repurposed in the evening for Espresso Martinis which are really not to be missed for coffee drinkers.

A coffee Martini at The Fall Line bar

Roxy/Quicksilver coffee shop

Find your way to the back of the Roxy and Quicksilver shop for an American-style diner. Don't expect to get the American style refill filter coffees you may get in a New York diner, rather a nice barista-style cappuccino.

One of the better breakfast options in town too, a good place to go the morning after a big night out. The milkshakes are definitely worth trying and are a good option for kids as well.

Interior of the roxy coffee shop val d'isere

Arctic Cafe

The new kids on the block. Arctic Cafe only opened its doors to customers this winter, but is already starting to make an impression on holiday makers and seasonaires alike. Healthier snacks than most of the coffee shops, if you like dishes with avocado… you are in the right place.

Located next to the pizza shops on the high street, by Sherpa, Arctic Cafe is making a name for itself as the best place to go for a nice coffee. The staff are extremely friendly and go out of their way to get to know the regulars. It has certainly made an impact in the two short months it has been open.

Avocado & chocolate mousse, Arctic Cafe Val d'Isere


Pastries to die for, decent coffee and an amazing homely atmosphere, Chevallot is one of the true delights of Val d’Isere. The nationally acclaimed bakery does more than just supply the entire town with delicious bread. The patisserie and coffee shop on Avenue Olympique is one of the nicest places to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee.

With such a selection of pastries, cakes and goodies, walking past the door of Chevallot is a challenge in itself. Enticed in by the smell of freshly baked bread and croissants, sitting down for a coffee and pastry in the quaint cafe is the perfect way to spend a white out morning while the clouds clear.

Pastries at Chevallot Val d'Isere

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