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Paragliding Flights, Val d'Isere

35min tandem paragliding flights over Val d'Isere
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See the village and mountains from a different perspective and fly with the eagles. 

Sit back and enjoy the splendour of the landscape in the capable hands of your paragliding instructor. You have the freedom to choose the way you fly; be it a relaxed and tranquil descent or an exhilarating adventure, just remember your camera to document the experience.

The session takes 35min in total and total flying time is approximately 10min. Take off is from the top of the Solaise mountain. 

What to wear: Ski and snowboard clothes are fine, as well as your equipment, though no poles are allowed

Skiers should have a basic skiing level, and snowboarders must ride at an advanced level. 


Val d'Isere - Centre, Val d'Isere

Map of the surrounding area