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Mono Ski World Championships

The best event of the season

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The Mono-Ski World Championships is upon us once again. It's a novelty event that takes place in the Val d’Isere Oakley snow park that everyone should take the time to see, mostly because it is hilarious!

Mono-skis are supplied by the Event team, and if you want to take part you need to buy a Village Fete ticket from the BlueNote Bar in Val d’Isere. Your ticket includes entry to the Championships which commence at eleven o’clock on Wednesday the 18th, and entry into the Village Fete (which is basically a bar crawl).

Even if you don’t enter, this event is well worth watching. Most competitors have never or rarely been on a mono ski before, so you see some very entertaining stuff. For more information, your best bet is to either pick up a copy of The Mountain Echo in Val d’Isere or check out their website.

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Val d'Isere ski area


Map of the surrounding area