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Mark Fielding - Business & Marketing Manager at Huski

Featured in: | Greg van der Donk, Val d'Isere Contributor | Published

Lots of people nowadays choose their ski holidays to be self-catered as it keeps costs down. However, it's never fun having to cook every evening after a tiring day on the slopes or to book a place every night. This is where Huski come in. This food delivery startup want to make your holiday more fun by bringing you ready-made meals directly to your chalet or apartment's doorstep.

They couldn't have made it easier. You just need to book how many days you want it for, choose the menu and they will deliver to your accommodation on your first night. Then, it's just a case of cranking up the oven and, voila, dinner's ready! Huski even offer breakfasts and drinks packs, including craft beers and French wines, so that you don't even need to visit the local supermarket on your ski break.

We sat down with Mark Fielding to get a better idea of how this service takes the stress out of your ski holiday.  Mark has worked several seasons and lived in France for many years. Now based in Bourg St Maurice with his family, Mark talks to us about work, life and skiing. 

Coming full circle

Huski food

Please introduce yourself, telling us a bit about who you are and what you do?
Hi, I’m Mark and I’m many things to many people: Father, husband, son, friend, snowboarder, learner, worker, dreamer, writer, translator, reader. On a daily basis, I’m the business and marketing manager for Huski Mountain Delivery.
How did you get started with Huski? 
Like all good stories, it started with a coincidence. In short, my wife was offered a job with the tourist board in Les Arcs and the opportunity was too good to pass up. I got in touch with my boss from my first ski season way back in 2004 and asked him if he had any contacts out in Bourg. He said no but would let me know if anything turned up. A few days later he was at the Listex Ski Expo in London where he met Paddy and Mark (Huski CEOs) in a bar. They got to talking and they mentioned they were looking for someone in Bourg Saint Maurice. And bingo, our paths collided. 
What were you doing before? Have you always worked in the food/catering industry?  
Not at all. I spent the last 10 years teaching and translating in Paris. Before that, I worked in editorial, writing and various other domains. Before that, I worked ski seasons across the French and Austrian Alps. I guess I’ve come full circle in that regard. I’ve always liked eating though. I definitely have a lot of experience there. 
Where did the idea for Huski come from? Do you know why the company was started? 
The idea came from Paddy and Mark. One day they found themselves sitting on their ski chalet balcony with tired arms, screaming kids, nothing to eat and a deep belief that there should be an easier way to do ski holidays. So Huski was born. 

Delivery with a difference

Mark Fielding - business & marketing manager huski

Do you know where the inspiration for the menus comes from? 
The inspiration comes from a British heart combined with French flair: traditional comfort food mixed with the exotic spice and flavours of world fare.
What is your favourite Huski meal? 
Even though popular science would warn against it, I have a serious sweet tooth so all my favourite dishes are dessert. The coconut and raspberry slice, the sticky toffee pudding. But my Gran said you can’t really have dessert without a main, so I love the curries and the lamb shanks. Actually, hold on, I like our Beef Bourguignon (but would never admit that to my French friends) and the lasagne. And the duck confit. Ah, shucks, I like it all.
Have you run into any delivery problems with the heavy snow this winter?
We have exceptional drivers who read the road and conditions as well as anyone I’ve ever known. So far, touch wood, there haven't been any problems, (although we have seen a lot of other people trying to drive places they really shouldn’t be driving in cars they shouldn’t be in).  

How do you think Huski differs from other catering/private chef services? 
We have families, we love skiing, we want to make skiing for self-catering families more fun because we want it to be more fun. So you could say it’s the “why” which is different. The “what” is our flexibility, our range of meals and the simplicity we offer for all the family. One meal or every meal, we do it all. The biggest attraction for a lot of our clients is our relationship with Cook food. We offer a highly regarded and esteemed British product from a brand that has a great following and loyalty in the UK, this is something that has never been present in the Alps before, we really are the only ones doing it. We’re also focused on providing gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian menus, which in the changing culinary landscape, is very important to us. 

The alpine lifestyle

Mark Fielding - business & marketing manager huski

Where is your favourite place to ski?
My favourite place is 2008. After that, Les Arcs. I have a soft spot for Les Carroz d’Araches as that was my first ski season. I love riding in St Anton too, the Austrians have a different way of looking at things in the mountains, which I really love. Plus their aprés-ski needs to be seen to be believed. 
What do you like about living in the Alps?
After 10 years in Paris, I love the fresh air. But of course, like most people, I love the mountains. The scale and perspective they give keeps you humble. And snowboarding. And cheese, I like those too.  
What would a perfect day out in the mountains be for you? 
Riding powder in the trees with friends in the morning followed by an afternoon ripping up the spring slush with my family.
Any restaurant in the Tarentaise valley that you can recommend for a special occasion? 
My wife and I have a 1-year-old daughter. We don’t really do restaurants. I would order a Beef Wellington from Huski and a bottle of 2015 Chateau Cissac. 
And a great bar for a drink? 
When the occasion affords it, Bar King Mad.
What are your favourite things to do on a bad weather day?
Family, speak, play, write, swim, meditate, yoga, drink, eat.
If someone was coming here for the first time, what would you suggest they absolutely must do or see in resort? 
After visiting the Huski shop on Avenue de Haute Tarentaise for a coffee and some cake, I would say they really must go skiing. If they don’t ski, go for a walk. Admire the views, exercise. Then eat lots of cheese. 
Finally, give us a top tip to go skiing in the Alps 
Keep it simple, don’t be in a rush, the mountains aren’t going anywhere. Then buy a warm hat, buckle in and enjoy the ride. If you are coming out with your family I would order a Huski 6-day menu, let someone else do the work and rest your legs so they are strong for the next day.